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Message Auditing

As mobile phones become ubiquitous, text messaging increasingly carries business communications. When text messaging happens on phones a business pays for it, it falls under the legal discovery rules outlined by the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, and similar legal provisions. These rules and precedents establish that a business is responsible for retaining access to the electronic communications its employees exchange.

While many businesses have methods of retaining that access to email, fewer have the means to meet these requirements for text messaging. This gap represents exposure for businesses and other organizations.

DiskAgent helps businesses mitigate these risks by enabling text message auditing by enabling text message capture and auditing. With Message Auditing enabled on a DiskAgent-protected smartphone, text message history is captured and stored in a database. Administrators can view text message correspondence in a user-friendly interface, and can search it by date or by keyword. Access to the database can is granted based on user privilege level.

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