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Computer Backup & restore

Data Loss Protection & Business Continuity

Computer Backup & recover Two-in-One Backup
Supported on Windows
Vista, Windows 7, and 8,
Server 2003, 2008, 2012.
Every business is different, and your business' computer backup needs are as well. That’s why we built DiskAgent Computer Backup & Restore: it’s an easy to use, affordable, customizable, comprehensive and incredibly effective computer backup and restore solution that’s patented and award winning.

DiskAgent Computer Backup & Restore provides the best and most complete backup and restore solution for you and your small to medium size business. Built with multiple features, Computer Backup & Restore continuously secures your valuable data and makes restoration simple - whether it's a single file, or your entire server.

DiskAgent's security measures exceed HIPAA, SOX, PCI-DSS, state,  federal, as well as European data protection requirements.


DiskAgent's Computer Backup & Restore software is sold as service through an affordable subscription fee.

$4.95/Month plus 1 GB Free Storage.

$49.50 Annual.
Save $9.90. That is two months free with an annual term subscription.

DiskAgent Computer Backup & Restore is available for immediate download and installation from within a free DiskAgent Data Protection Account. Open your DiskAgent Data Protection account now and receive a free 30 day trial period of Computer Backup & Restore for you and your business. Computer Backup & Restore is available for installation on as many computers as you desire from the Install DiskAgent tab in your DiskAgent Data Protection account.





computer backup simple installationSIMPLE INSTALLATION - No need for IT personnel.

computer backup smart setupSMART SETUP - Fully customizable backup policies to meet your needs:

  • Backup file types.
  • Create custom file types.
  • Backup file folders.
  • Backup a combination of file types and folders.
  • Exclude non-essential frequently changing files.

redundant computer backupSAFE REDUNDANT COMPUTER BACKUP- Two-in-One Backup, choose between or combine:

  • Online Backup - Multiple state-of-the-art data centers.
  • Local backup - Works seamlessly with your external harddrive.

secure computer backupSECURE COMPUTER BACKUP:

  • Multi-factor authentication
  • 256 bit AES encryption
  • Online backup is encrypted and compressed on the machine before upload via secure sockets layer (SSL).
  • Local external drive backup data is encrypted and compressed same as online backup.

computer auto backupSIMPLE AUTO BACKUP - Set it and forget it. Automatically backs up your computer data. Choose from or combine:

  • Scheduled backup
  • Continuous backup

incremental computer backupSMART INCREMENTAL COMPUTER BACKUP - Save time, space, and money.

  • Backs up only the changed portions of backed up files.

computer backup version retentionSAFE COMPUTER BACKUP VERSION RETENTION:

  • From one day to forever.

secure computer backupSECURE COMPUTER BACKUP ACCESSIBILITY - User friendly backup explorer interface:

  • Local client interface installed on the machine
  • Remote online web console interface is accessible anytime, anywhere, from any device with an internet connection.

scalable computer backup smart setupSCALABLE COMPUTER BACKUP - no limit for:

  • Users
  • Computers
  • File size
  • File types

more computer backup featuresAND MANY MORE COMPUTER BACKUP FEATURES:

  • Remote install and configuration for mass deployment.
  • Remote install without the local client interface for exclusive remote configuration.
  • Centrally manage multiple computer backup policies.
  • System image backup for servers.
  • Resource management tools
  • Configurable user privileges
  • Configurable computer backup status notifications...

Backup ReSTORE

With DiskAgent Computer Backup Recover, you take the "disaster" out of "disaster recovery." Restoration of your backup is only a few clicks away, whether its a single file or an entire computer server, DiskAgent Computer Backup Restore has you covered. It's simple, smart, safe and secure.


simple backup recovery and restorationSIMPLE BACKUP RESTORE - Continue business-as-usual with a few clicks:

  • Restore files from remote data centers.
  • Quick delivery of restoration disks for faster big data recovery.
  • Quick restoration from local hard drive backup.

smart backup recovery download managerSMART BACKUP RESTORE DOWNLOAD MANAGER:

  • Seamlessly manages big data restoration downloads.
  • Notification when download request is complete.

safe backup recoverySAFE BACKUP RESTORE - Download backed up data via:

  • Local Backup Explorer user interface on the protected computer.
  • Web console View Backup  from any device with internet connection.

secure backup recoverySECURE BACKUP RESTORE

  • Immediate notification of download requests.
  • Backup restoration downloads available to authenticated users only.
  • Time sensitive download links.

US Based Technical Support

DiskAgent Computer Backup is designed to be simple, but if you ever have questions or need help, our US based customer support team is ready.

Toll Free Phone

E- mail


Remember, there's no cost to open your DiskAgent Data Protection account. When you do, you'll receive a free 30 day trial period of Computer Backup & Restore for you and your business. Computer Backup & Restore is available for immediate download and installation on as many computers as you desire from the Install DiskAgent tab in your DiskAgent Data Protection account.