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Protecting Your Business and Customer Data


August 28, 2008 - Salt Lake City, UT - Small and mid-sized businesses are a smorgasbord of sensitive information targeted by information thieves and stolen data brokers.

According to the FBI, more than 2,000 laptops are stolen each day and a typical information breach can cost an average of $268,000. With 85% of companies surveyed reporting some form of data security breach, you are nearly as likely to have your computer stolen as being in an auto-accident. The statistics are astounding and yet most businesses are not properly protected -- even though affordable and comprehensive solutions are available.

According to Hayden Hartland, CEO of Spearstone – developers of DiskAgent data protection solutions – a typical data thief can break into a small or mid-sized business environment and have sold that data within 24 hours.

“Imagine that someone has your computer and is logging on right now, says Hartland. Understand the thief will extract all your business and customer information and broker each data element for $1 per record. The thief will sell social security numbers, mailing addresses, email addresses, and credit card information in bulk to various buyers around the world.”

Hartland says when the customer data is more complete, thieves can sign up for services in your customers’ names or sell complete profiles of your customers. Once the information is sold the thief quickly wipes the hard drive and posts the computer on one of many online auction sites and the likelihood that it will be traced back to them is negligible.

“The buyer of sensitive customer data will immediately open credit under that name -- purchase as much as possible -- and have the purchases shipped to some other address where an accomplice is paid to receive the goods and forward them on to yet another address,” says Hartland. “This way the person receiving the goods can claim they never made the purchase and they don’t know why the purchases are being sent to them at all,” Hartland said.

There are also fines that can be assessed, as much as $25,000, for businesses of any size not meeting Cardholder Information Security Program (CISP) Certification requirements that lose sensitive credit card information and customer data.

According to Hartland, every computer is vulnerable and none of the standard password protection methods are enough. The most coveted piece of machinery small and mid-sized businesses have for a data thief is its backup solution (i.e. tape drive, external hard drive, or flash drive). Removable backup is such an easy target because it is small and likely unencrypted yet it is a consolidated view into your most valued business data.

In order to properly protect business data, owners and managers need a solution that backups your critical data offsite in an encrypted format within a secure facility and provides a way for you to remotely initiate a data or hard drive destruction sequence.

The only inexpensive solution that meets those requirements is DiskAgent™. DiskAgent is a complete data protection software solution and service that ensures businesses maintain a backup in the case of theft, hardware failure or any local catastrophe -- thereby giving business owners the confidence and security when the need arises. Once the data is properly being backup, data can be remotely wiped clean from a lost or stolen device through the DiskAgent service.

For further information on the service please visit and start protecting your business for as little as $4.95 per month.


About Spearstone LLC

Founded in 2004 in Salt Lake City, Utah, Spearstone LLC is led by industry veterans in information security and data storage that have provided enterprise customers such as Wells Fargo, Baker & McKenzie, Mountain America Credit Union, SoftWise and Pearson Education with robust software solutions that help them preserve data integrity and security. Spearstone’s DiskAgent offers military-level security and a software as a service that helps small and medium businesses reap the software benefits large enterprises enjoy at a fraction of the cost.