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Become Part of the Solution

You’re already the trusted advisor to your small and mid-sized business clients. With generous margins and the most complete data protection SaaS, you can expand your monthly services revenue and grow your bottom line without additional investment. DiskAgent also offers the chance to private label your own solution.

Online backup and data protection has become one of the fastest growing managed services demanded by small business – especially in education, health care, legal and financial services. As an authorized DiskAgent reseller, you’ll provide your clients with powerful and affordable online backup, remote wipe and recovery solutions for PCs and smartphones.

You will also have access to a web-based admin console easily allowing you to set up clients and users, deploy the application, and manage the service from any location.

Once you’re authorized, you’ll immediately have access to pricing discounts, special promotions and the marketing materials you need to get your clients committed to the DiskAgent solution.


How it works and how you get paid.

Introduce your clients, customers and readers to DiskAgent’s online backup and remote wipe solutions and start earning. The DiskAgent affiliate program is a simple way for anyone with a web site, blog or newsletter to earn cash by referring customers to

It's free and easy. Once you're signed up as a DiskAgent affiliate, you'll have access to a variety of banners and text links to place on your site. Each link is coded with a unique ID that tags your customers.

When a prospect you've referred becomes a DiskAgent customer, you’ll make 10% to 20% as long as they remain a customer -- it's that simple.

What makes our affiliate program work?

DiskAgent is the most complete data protection solution available to affiliate partners.

Demand for these services grow daily – especially for home users, doctors, dentists, lawyers, CPAs and any business professional that cares about protecting confidential data on their PC and smartphone.