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DiskAgent Data Protection Offer

Now you can try DiskAgent, the award-winning data protection solution for computers and smartphones, FREE! For 30 days, try DiskAgent's data protection products risk free and see just how quick and easy data protection can be to set up and manage. Start protecting your personal and company data from technical and natural disasters as well as theft today. If at any point in the first 30 days you are unhappy with our data protection product(s), simply cancel service and pay nothing, no questions asked!

Computer Data Protection Products

Supports Windows Vista, Windows 7 & 8. Server 2003, 2008, 2012

  • Computer Backup & Restore- Data Loss Prevention & Business Continuity.
    Easy to use online backup and local backup in one. Works continuously and automatically. Just set it and forget it.
  • Computer Remote Wipe - Data Breach Protection.
    Remotely cut off the availability of your data when your computer is lost or stolen.
  • Computer Data Protection Package - Continuous Data Protection
    Be prepared before your computer is lost or stolen.
    The package includes:
    • Computer Backup & Restore - Data Loss Protection & Business Continuity
    • Forensic Wipe - Data Breach Protection
      Forensic Wipe protects you from data breach through a remote wipe solution that targets only the data on the machine that DiskAgent's Computer Backup has safely secured in its data centers.
    • Theft Recovery - Computer Theft Protection
      Theft Recovery instantly locates and tracks your computer by tracing the exact IP address of the machine.
    • Theft Recovery Guarantee - Computer Recovery Guarantee
      According to the FBI, 97% of lost or stolen computers are never recovered. With DiskAgent's Theft Recovery, we guarantee your computer will be part of that 3% recovered or we'll pay you $1000.00. 
      Theft Recovery Guarantee details.
  • Live Customer Service - Best-in-class

Smartphone Data Protection Products

Supports Android, Blackberry, and Windows Mobile.

  • Smartphone Security Package.
    • Remote Ring (Even if it is set to vibrate)
    • Remote Lock (Change password)
    • Remote Wipe
  • Smartphone Supervisor Package.
    Remotely monitor and track smartphone activity.
  • Smartphone Security + Supervisor Package.
    Includes all smartphone data protection functions.
    • Remote Ring (Even if it is set to vibrate)
    • Remote Lock (Change password)
    • Remote Wipe
    • Call Tracker
    • SMS Text Tracker
    • Internet Activity Tracker
    • Location Tracker with GPS enabled phones

Centrally manage all DiskAgent data protection products through a free DiskAgent Data Protection Account. Open your DiskAgent Data Protection account now and receive a free 30 day trial period for all DiskAgent data protection products - available for installation on as many computers and smartphones as you desire from the Install DiskAgent tab in your DiskAgent Data Protection account.