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About us


Spearstone is a software development company in Salt Lake City, Utah. After successfully developing custom applications for firms including Wells Fargo, Google, Logitech, iTV, Mountain America Credit Union, and Pearson Education, Spearstone wanted to make the data protection benefits experienced by large enterprises available to small and medium businesses.

Spearstone fulfills that mission with its DiskAgent product offering. With affordable subscription pricing, DiskAgent puts enterprise-level data and hardware protection within reach of small businesses and individual users, without the need for IT support or expensive infrastructure.

We believe:

  • You shouldn't have to worry about a backup.
    Backups should be set up once, then work automatically. You shouldn't have to set schedules and remember to leave your computer on prior to a backup.
  • Your backup should be safe and remote.
    Your backup files should be encrypted before leaving your machine, and stored in redundant, remote locations that are physically secure.
  • Protecting your data isn't just about ensuring its availability.
    It's also about denying availability to unintended parties. Stolen computers and smartphones are the biggest source of identity theft. Only by combining DiskAgent's remote delete capability with online backup do you get the complete data protection you need.
  • You should have support 24/7/365 days a year.
    Whenever you have questions about your data and the services provided by DiskAgent, we're there to answer questions and get you up and running again immediately.

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